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The Company Herbela was established on 14 May 1998. The main area of activities of the Company includes the design, environment management work, and landscape contracting. Our mission is to provide the Clients with full range of the environment management services: from the preparation of the environment management project to the full implementation of the project, as well as the supervision of the equipped territory. The principles of our work are the satisfaction of the Client’s expectations; environmental protection; permanent improvement of the quality assurance; and improvement of the Employees’ qualification. The professional team works in the Company. The projects implemented by our Company are from the preparation of the environmental project for the private house, the implementation of this project and the performance of the maintenance work to the performance of the reconstruction work for the parks, squares and streets, the preparation, implementation and supervision of the projects for the territories of the companies, new residential areas, embassies, and consulates.

The Company is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Landscape Contractors and Ornamental Plants Growers.

Our Partners

UAB Astig, UAB Aupana